My practice encompasses performances, installations and photography. I explore the notion of passage and propose a reflection on the relationship between time and space, continuity and interruption. In particular, I am working on a long-term project where I repeatedly draw chalk-lines in natural or the built environment, streets, sidewalks or pavements. I’m looking to materialize the intangible idea of passage in spaces and territories that are often circumscribed by tangible limits and borders. The people who took the routes to reach and cross these spaces, however, remain invisible. Inspired by their path and journey, I embody their action crossing and passing through spaces. Building on this idea, it also appears in my photographs that the environment itself expresses the idea of the passage of time, showing under construction buildings or old houses, urban or natural views. My photographs show a deconstructed version of motions, re-inventing the time of an action. I want the viewer to perceive the ephemeral, the passage from A to B and my intention to commemorate spaces and territories.
I mainly use photography in my work on the relationship between space, movement and performance. In my investigations, I am interested in what emerges at this interface. Using my camera, I picture myself on the streets in the action of drawing a chalk line on the ground. I shoot the process at regular and short intervals, thus decomposing the movement in a still background. The images, captured with a digital camera, are then overlaid and processed using Photoshop to create unique photo-action sequences. To pursue this project, I am looking for a workspace to treat and print my images.
I am an artist-photographer born in Canada, 1976. I exhibited my work at The Wassaic Project (NY), Curious Matter (Jersey City), The Bronx Museum (NY), Salon Jeune Création (Paris), and Quebec International Biennial (Canada) among other organisations. I also have been a recipient of numerous residencies and awards including Banff Art Center (Canada), CAMAC Art Center (France), Signal Fire Arts (Oregon, USA), Fire Island Pines Arts Program (NY), among others. I received his MA from Université Paris I- La Sorbonne in 2009 and BA from Laval University, Québec, Canada, in 2006. Since my graduation, I live and work in New York City. 

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